OS Giken LTD ED Promo Goods

We had one of our lovely lady friends come by to do a quick photoshoot for our new line of limited edition shirts and hoodies.  She’s been a long time supporter of OS Giken, and better yet, she LOVES cars and racing.  Her weapon of choice at the moment? A BMW E92 335i!  So if you are driving on the freeway in Southern California, and a white E92 335i comes screaming past you, that’s most likely her…

Thanks to the guys at Go Tuning in Orange, CA, for letting us use their space and their beautiful Honda S2000.

“Winning Run” T-shirt – $20 (Limited to 100 pieces worldwide)

“Record Breakers” Hooded Sweatshirt – $40 (Limited to 100 pieces worldwide)

Available from any authorized OS Giken Distributor

Open Casting Call for OS Giken Image Girl,

Our model from last year is retiring from the biz, so we are looking for another fresh face to be the campaign model for OS Giken during SEMA Show 2012 and for a promo poster which will be distributed worldwide to all OS Giken Dealers. We are looking for someone local to Los Angeles, and a glamour/high-fashion type model, so please don’t send us your photos from the bikini contest at spring break (although we still accept them)! Please spread the word as much as you can, and we will send out an OS Giken goodie bag to whoever helps us find the lucky girl!! If you are interested or know of any girls, please let us know.

The Izumori Man,

Izumori Man

Izumori Yukiharu  is a billionaire industrialist and genius inventor who is kidnapped and forced to build a devastating weapon. Instead, using his intelligence and ingenuity, Izumori builds a high-tech suit of armor and escapes captivity. When Izumori uncovers a nefarious plot with global implications, he dons his powerful armor and vows to protect the world as Izumori Man.

Studio: OS Giken
Genres: Action/Adventure, Science Fiction/Fantasy And Adaptation
Release Date: May 02, 2020 (wide)
MPAA Rating: R
Starring: Izumori, Tomimatsu, Sato, Nishida, Ashida, Tsuhima Mitsudo,
Directed By: Okazaki
Produced By: TAI

Our OS Giken Dangle Dolly R2D2 Flies His X-Wing,

Hello, Shino here again. By the way, that Modellista lip looks pretty clean, eh.

Big shout out to our R2D2!! if you are not familiar with who this is, search on YouTube for “OS Giken SEMA 2011” and there’s a video i made.

OS had a quick test drive of the FT86 (yes they recently bought one), or the so called FR-S in the US, at Nakayama Circuit. Unfortunately, the Japanese weather despised to OS Giken that day and it instigated a heavy rain. Hence the wet track test, electrically controlled “you can be a race driver” were such a ruffian. Stability is high and does not break the rear even in the rain since those devices kicks in pretty responsibly. Not a fun piece of X-Wing for our R2D2. VSC cancellation is a MUST.

On a side note, holding down the VSC switch for 8 seconds will disable the VSC completely. Not really sure how concrete the information is.

OS Giken X-Wing is soon to be tested again with the famous Super Lock L.S.D. Let’s see how our LSD improves the performance!!


Photo credits to Tomimatsu-san from OS Giken

K&N Pro Series East NASCAR Hall of Fame 150 at Bowman Gray Statium, North Carolina,

Shino here from OS Giken USA.

First post since we have made our blog…

Past weekend, 6/2/12, I have attended the NASCAR K&N Pro Series East which was held at the legendary Bowman Gray Stadium in North Carolina. Recently we have contracted a sponsorship with one of the competing team in the series, Hattori Racing Enterprises (HRE). The two drivers are Sergio Peña (Camry, #1) and Brett Moffit (Camry, #11).

To make it simple and quick, let’s have the video do all the talking.

And some photos to follow.

Sergio Peña’s qualify lap (finished 19th).

The battle scars of Brett Moffit’s Camry (finished 7th).

Thank you HRE.

We will see you at Columbus Motor Speedway in Ohio!!